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A really special blend of earthy colors on maple burl that will create a very warn-colored guitar.
Price: $400

This piece of spalted maple was stabilized in purple acrylic and has a striking contrast between natural, spalt, pink/red, and purple sections.
Price: $400

This gorgeous T-style body features an entire top of the rare and expensive double-dye stabilized maple burl over swamp ash. Tops, alone, like this go for $600! Therefore, grab this one as if all the other work was free!
$600 + S&H

This one-of-a-kind T-style body is made from swamp ash. The inlaid half-pickguard is a beautiful maple burl double-dye stabilized in pink and blue, complete with black/maple/black purfling to really set it apart!
$525 + S&H

These 1/4" dot inlays are made from double-dye-stabilized maple burl.
$0.40 per dot + S&H

This LP-styled crown inlay set is made from double-dye-stabilized maple burl.
$70 + S&H